Two classic ranges that we bottle under the Candidato and Casa Solar brands are focused to a public that demands fruity wines but with complex notes that aging in oak barrels provides. For its part, the Infinitus brand is a modern and avant-garde range of wine, with a wide selection of grapes for consumers open to new trends, with a colorful and daring design.

Wine making

Cosecheros y Criadores elaborates its wines under the “Vinos de La Tierra de Castilla IGP” (Geographic Indication) wine with no IGP with vintage and grape variety,  and has over 6.000 French and American oak barrels.

The Cosecheros y Criadores wines have different presentations and diversified styles, which allows us to cover almost all market niches. They are very versatile wines.

Cosecheros y Criadores has the latest wine technologies to insure diversified elaborations for the taste of the consumers from the 60+ countries were we sell our wines.